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Precio habitual

A bilingual card game with 99 prompt cards intentionally designed to strengthen your relationships by igniting conversations that nurture intimacy.
Gather your people, create a sacred space, and begin!
  • Intergenerational healing.
  • Learning to take up space.
  • Finding strength in sisterhood.
  • Reclaiming your right to thrive.
  • Connecting to your inner power.

    Gather together with your amigas, sisters, tías, primas, and colleagues, and select the deck journey to open your circle. Pull a card from the deck, and choose if you want to ask the person on your left or answer the prompt yourself. Pass the deck to your amiga to repeat the process until the circle is complete. Close the circle with some deep breaths, affirmations, a meditation, or a group hug

    Watch your relationship with those participating flourish!

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    Deepen your relationship with yourself by selecting the deck journey that speaks to you and journaling your response to reveal all that needs to be illuminated. When you are finished, hug yourself… te lo mereces!

    P.S. You may want to grab some tissues amigas… the conversations get real! 

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